She's Got Drive

Black Women Living Life by Design

Celebrating its 5th anniversary, She’s Got Drive Podcast, hosted by Shirley Gregoire McAlpine, lifts up the voices of Black Women from all walks of life – often ‘hidden figures’ – to share their stories, and shine a light on their power and success. Launched at the Apollo’s Women of the World Festival, Shirley inspires her listeners to live their lives fully and step out in the direction of realizing their dreams.


Each week She’s Got Drive Podcast asks Black Women….

"What’s the source of your success?"

"What empowers you?"

"How do you overcome obstacles?"

She’s Got Drive Podcast puts Black Women in the driving seat, taking listeners on a visionary and insightful journey to discover their own authentic voice, what’s important to them, where they want and need to be putting their attention and taking action, leaving them impacted by straight-talking conversations.


Shirley believes in the power of living our lives by design and not default.


Gwen Jimmere

Founder/CEO of Naturalicious is a 21st Century trailblazer. Named as “the world’s leading authority on textured hair care” and “one of the 100 Most Influential African Americans in the U.S.”

Jennie Joseph

A British-trained midwife, Jennie has become one of the world’s most respected midwives and authorities on women’s health: healthy pregnancies, healthy deliveries and healthy babies.

April Walker

Award-winning pioneer of the streetwear fashion movement that catapulted into a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Michelle Miller

CBS Saturday Anchor and Journalist came on to speak about the power of sponsorship, her relationship with her father, and how fear can still stop her at times.

Hope Boykin

An American dancer, choreographer, educator, director, writer, and speaker who is a former member of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

She’s Got Drive Podcast was voted as one of the ‘Top 20 Podcasts for Black Women’ by Black Enterprise in 2019, and one of the '10 Best Long- Form Interview Podcasts' by Screen Rant, 2021.

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"Thank you! I have been binge listening to Your podcast! It is everything.! Thank you for this breath of fresh air and positivity! I loved the idea of adding where you are from, to your story. As a woman who grew up in Ferguson, MO I learned that we share many of our stories as black people as the ‘object’ of all the disparities that happens to us, and we need to share our stories as the heroines of what we have survived and endured celebrating our resilience much more! Thank you for this!"

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"This podcast was professional life changing for me! This PIE (Performance. Image. Exposure) podcast was everything! Thank you so much! I have always been focused on performance. I always figured when I increased my performance more people would take notice. When you ladies shared the actual percentages, I was blown away. I’ve always been big on image but noticing now how it really does affect how I’m viewed."

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"If you are stuck, looking for motivation, inspiration, or a destination then this amazing podcast will help you get there Shirley is an incredibly inspiring woman and here she does an amazing job of curating other inspiring women. A must listen for ALL women (and probably men too!)"

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"Shirley is wonderfully adept at drawing the stories from her guests and what guest they are – so accomplished! I learn from each podcast and looking forward to each!"

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"I’m loving this podcast, the different backgrounds of the women interviewed keeps it interesting. Their stories and practical advice keep it inspiring. Keep it up. Sharing this!"

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"Listening to one of your podcasts this morning. Inspiring!"

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