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This week  #shesgotdrivepodcast is back with Bernadette  Pleasant:

A fiery sensual Speaker, Somatic Healer, Sacred Grief Ritual Facilitator, Creator of The Emotional Institute and Femme!, a mind-body wellness program. With certifications in Somatic Healing Modalities and Sensual Movement, Reiki, and Integrated Energy Therapy—and studies in African, Tribal, and Free Dance— Bernadette promotes emotional freedom through movement and empowerment.

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In episode 145,  Bernadette Pleasant , Stay focused on what you want to accomplish. 


  • Intro to the She’s Got Drive podcast. 0:07

    • Bernadette pleasant is a transformational coach who does embodied work and allows people to get  in touch with themselves in a powerful way. She is the creator of the emotional institute.
    • The emotional institute normalizes the expression of emotion and normalizes it.

  • How I became aware of my need for relief. 5:58

    • The need for relief after divorce and big changes in her life,

    • Your body knows what it needs, and once that core knowing is there. The problem with burying emotions 

    • Creating safe containers, creating spaces 

  • The only way through grief is through. 11:59

    • Grief is like weather. Weather patterns change, and the only way to move through it is through.

    • The three ingredients to grief, loss, disappointment and change, the three ingredients.

  • How to get past the internal critic. 16:40

    • Her work is in group form, and she works privately with people one on one. She also works with people in kawaii, because that place alone is healing

  • Being with the body and emotions. 22:59

    • She is fascinated with the body and is a bit of a nerd about it. She is trained in dramatic studies and other modalities like reiki and hands-on healing.

    • Meditation is gentle, for everyone in a group setting, and is built on a heart rate system. The drums help deepen the medicine and the practice in group-forming.

  • The work world is disconnected from our bodies. 28:29

    • In the last few years, people have had permission to express some of their emotions in the workspace, but there are still limits around that.

  • Learning to take stand for yourself. 33:56

    • 10 years later, Bernadette walked away from her marriage because it did not serve her and had other ideas that did not fit in that box.

    • There is no one size fit all. There is something here that needs to be fixed for. If it doesn’t fit, it’s not fit.

  • The importance of love and marriage. 39:13

    • What matters is a solid, beautiful, supportive, safe and safe friend relationship. Everyone deserves to have that.

    • The importance of slowing down and asking yourself what is going on with you and what feels authentic to you, and what you need right now.

  • The importance of following the path right for you. 44:38

    • Speed is great in so many ways, but there are huge costs. It creates a disembodied myth that speed is the answer.

    • Speed creates a lack of patience.

  • What does courage mean for you? 49:34

    • The fear of public speaking is the number one fear out there, and it is above death. It takes a lot of courage to do that.

    • Helping them find their voice, feel and have the body tools to take the fear at the intensity that the thing that they’ve labeled as fear, because it’s just intensity.

    • It takes courage to say no, to show up, to rest, to do something different, and to ask yourself how you feel.


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