Get ready to Buckle Up because on the She’s Got DrIve podcast you remember that your Brilliance is your Birthright.  

This week  #shesgotdrivepodcast is back with Gwen Jimmerie.

Gwen is a gifted visionary on an unrelenting mission to eliminate the exorbitant amount of time that women spend on their beauty routine, by creating high-performance, time-saving beauty solutions that have saved over 70,000 women more than 1.2 million minutes and counting.As CEO and founder of Naturalicious, she’s already cemented her place in history as the first African American woman to hold a patent for a natural hair care product. sold all around the world, in over 2400 retail stores, including Ulta, Whole Foods, and Sally Beauty. Based in Detroit, MI, when she’s now strategizing her next business move, you can find her hanging out with her son Caiden.

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In episode 143,  Gwen Jimmerie, Stay focused on what you want to accomplish. 


  • Ourbrilliance is our birthright. 0:02

    • Welcome to the She’s Got Drive Podcast.

    • Introduction of gwen Jimmerie, CEO and Founder of Naturalicious

  • How did you get to where you are right now? 3:35

    • How she got started as a hair care entrepreneur.

  • How she got started with her natural hair products. 6:06

    •  Natural hair during pregnancy.

    • Selling natural hair products to friends and co-workers.

    • The original iteration of Naturalicious was a beauty supply store that sold other brands.

  • The importance of educating women about their natural hair. 11:38

    • Education is a key part of her mission.

    • The beauty industry has done a disservice Black women.

  • What is it about what you’re doing that’s so successful? 14:47

    • Building a community is important.
  • The slow and steady wins the race, but it’s a slower growth strategy. 19:53

    • The slow and steady wins the race strategy.

  • The importance of building a community. 22:17

    • Building a community is a great way to build a business.

    • Creating in-person experiences.

    • Building a business around personal development and travel.

    • Success is about abundance

  •  The loss of Gwen’s mom  27:52

    • A gift from a customer.

    • Making time for family and friends.

    • Putting people in a position to be responsible.

  • Taking a break with My son 30:59

    • Removing social media 

    • Having the freedom to not be a micromanager.

    • Success is not having the anxiety.

  • Freedom to be where you are. 36:08

    • Empowering others to do what they’re there to do.

    • Setting boundaries

    • A story Caiden is proud to tell 
  • You have to define your future and then work on making it a reality. 43:01

    • Define the future and work on making it a reality.

    • My mom’s question.

    • Being spontaneous.

  • Getting things done by any means necessary. 45:57

    • Get it done by any means necessary, but get it done right.

    • Take the first step and be someone who gets it done.

    • Doubts and how to overcome them.

    • Manifestation is a spiritual practice.

  • What happened when the pandemic hit. 52:35

    • Opening a hair salon in 2020 before the pandemic.

    • Getting out of the contract.

  • Where can I find a space? 56:19

    • How Gwen to got into real estate.

    • Keep the faith and keep believing.

  • Living your life by design and not default. 1:00:43

    • Living life by design and Executing on one’s dream.

    • Good hair bar

    • Keeping the Faith

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