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Episode 8: Work on your P.I.E to Enhance your Career with Lisa Stewart

On this episode, we have my dear friend and colleague Lisa Stewart, Business Consultant, and Coach.


Remember that awesome episode with Paulette Rowe when she said how she uses PIE to support her success? Well, this is where you learn more about it. GET AHEAD of the game, and start working on this TODAY.


In this episode learn how to increase effectiveness, get seen, get promoted, produce results and achieve your success. Don’t get buried in the background beavering away. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a woman working in a corporation this show is for you.


In this episode Lisa shares with us:

  • What PIE is?
  • Shocking PIE statistics
  • How keeping your head down and working hard alone is not your access to success
  • Actions you can do TODAY to get you on the right path to success
  • What you wear really does matter
  • If you’re not managing your reputation someone else is
  • Tips on networking your way to being known

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