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Episode 10: Find our how Working for Michelle Obama made Julie Wenah Strive to be better

In this episode of She’s Got Drive we have Julie Wenah, just started working as Counsel at Airbnb. Julie was former Obama Appointee: Counselor and Policy Advisor, U.S. Department of Commerce. She led President Obama’s manufacturing initiative around regional collaboration and building strong manufacturing communities.


So many insights await you. 

  • She shares how she got to the White House 
  • The painful process of loosing her father 
  • The power of her faith
  • How First Lady Michelle Obama reacted when she passed the Bar
  • What lies behind her drive
  • What it’s like to work for President Obama and Former First Lady Michelle Obama 
  • The power of Hip Hop in her life and the lyrics of Hip Hop
  • Her next passion project – the life messages in Hip Hop music and what can we learn 
  • The importance of healing for Black women 


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