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EPISODE 41: “Be Ready to Recognize Opportunity” - Sharlene Brown Shares How She Does it.

This week sitting in the guest chair is Sharlene Brown the executive director of The Partnership for Responsible Financial Inclusion. Previously, she served as National Director of Oikocredit-USA, where she raised investment capital and provided development education on micro-finance and social performance to investors with more than US$35 million in assets. She has previously  overseen  projects for micro-finance institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle-East/North Africa. And worked in the socially responsible investment marketplace as a business development manager for Domini Social Investments, Ms. Brown holds a Bachelor’s from Wellesley College and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.


In this episode discover  

  • ‘What is driving me’ this week…
  • How Sharlene came from an immigrant background to becoming a micro finance expert 
  • How Sharlene in her work of addresses Financial insecurities she is creating powerful futures for clients
  • What her Mum’s Jamaican saying taught her 
  • How this Financial wiz talks  guides  women to get themselves out of debt.
  • ‘Sharlene’s courageous moment’- a new segment on the show to inspire you to your own moments of bravery 
  • And I answer a listener’s question in “Shirley I have a question!” 

    Sharlene’s  Quote of the week: 


“Be who you are, be at the right place and time, be ready to recognize opportunity – Keep your eyes open. You never know”


Connect with Sharlene:




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