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EPISODE 42: Drop the Ball’ says Tiffany Dufu, How to Let Go of the Standards that Work Against us Verse For Us

This week in the guest chair is Tiffany Dufu. Author of Drop the Ball, this is Tiffany’s memoir and manifesto that shows women how to to let go. According to foreword contributor Gloria Steinem, Drop the Ball is “important, path-breaking, intimate and brave.”


Named to Fast Company’s League of Extraordinary Women, Tiffany is Founder and CEO of The Cru, a peer coaching service for women looking to accelerate their professional and personal growth. She was a launch team member to Lean In and was Chief Leadership Officer at Levo, one of the fastest growing millennial professional networks. Prior to that, Tiffany served as President of The White House Project, as a Major Gifts Officer at Simmons College in Boston, and as Associate Director of Development at Seattle Girls’ School.


Tiffany serves on the Board of Girls Who Code and Simmons College. She is a member of Women’s Forum New York, She lives in New York City with her husband and two children.


In this episode discover  

  • ‘What is driving me’ this week…
  • How do we create your own job description.
  • what is our purpose and our best use for our life? 
  • Exercises that will help you find your purpose.
  • How do we get away from standards that we are never going to meet 
  • And I answer a listener’s question in “Shirley I have a question!”  


From the podcast


Definition of Ambition:  Your  desire to achieve mastery of a craft combined with a desire to achieve public recognition for it  { from the book Necessary Dreams by Anna Fels } 


Exercises recommended by Tiffany; 


Exercise 1: Funeral Exercise -What do you want people to say about you in your Eulogy?


Exercise 2: Speak to 10-15 people in your life and ask them to share with you  a time when they have experience you at your best. Transcribe the stories that they tell – circle the words and phrases that are similar. What are the consistent experiences – your passion?  What drives you? what matters most to you?


Exercise 3: What do we hope to achieve in relationship to those areas in our life – then focus on your highest best use to what matters the most?  What do you do extraordinarily well and with very little effort?   Think about your work and what you do extra. What  that thing is likely to be your superpower. 


Exercise 4 : Learn how to say no – stop taking on tasks that are not yours


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