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Episode 44: As Black Women Our Voice Matters, Glynda Carr tells us why

In this episode we have Glynda C. Carr, Co Founder of Higher Heights for America – a national organization providing Black women a political home dedicated to harness their power to elect Black women, influence elections and advance progressive policies.


Glynda is an advocate and political strategist and the former Executive Director of Education Voters of New York.  She  was the Chief of Staff to New York State Senator Kevin Parker  (Brooklyn), and managed the Senator’s key initiatives and shaped policy around youth  development and economic development.  She  also served as campaign manager for two of his successful re-election campaigns.


A sought after speaker and trainer, Glynda’s writing has appeared on,, and  and  has appeared on Fox News Live, MSNBC and several other media outlets.   She was named a  “Rising Star” in The Capitol’s 2009 40 under 40 edition. 


In this episode discover  

  • ‘What is driving me’ this week…
  • How Glynda started a political organization designed for and by Black Women
  • the power of your voice as a Black Woman 
  • #Blackwomenvote
  • how Glynda learned the importance of finding your voice 
  • what you can do to be the next Stacy Abrams 


Quotes from Glynda in this Episode 


“As black women your input into our Government makes our Government stronger”


“We want to build a network of Black Women that flex our economic power and the power of our voice” – Glynda 


“Stacey Abrams, win or loose has completely changed the face of what State Leadership looks like”


“Democracy begins the day after the elections”


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