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Episode 53 : Farming While Black - We Need to Reclaim Our Relationship to the Land says Leah Penniman

In this weeks Episode we have Black Kryeol Farmer Leah Penniman, Founder Co- Executive Director of Soul Fire Farm. And Author of Farming While Black and social activist; Leah believes that now is the time we reclaim our relationship to the land and our food. 


Her Farm is a People of Color led project that works to dismantle racism in the food systems through the low cost fresh-food delivery service for people living under food apartheid  and intensive training programs for Black, Latino and Indigenous  aspiring farmer -activist.  She has been tending the soil for 22 year. She was co-founded Youth Grow Urban Farm. She has won many awards  for her work including Soros Equality Fellowship, Andrew Goodman Foundation hidden heroes award, Fulbright Distinguished Award , and presidential Ward for Excellence in Teaching.


Leah’s Book:


Farming While Blackby Leah Penniman  A Practical Guide to Liberation on the Land  


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