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EPISODE 92: REWIND Paulette Rowe, President of Paysafe Shares How she Navigates her Uber Successful Career

Welcome to another edition of She’s Got Drive: 


This week I rewind to a really early episode with Paulette Rowe, currently President of Paysafe, formerly at Facebook and MD at Barclays Bank. You will learn so much about what it takes to climb the corporate ladder and more. Get your notebooks ready as the barriers are not match for Paulette’s resilience and grit. 


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EXECUTE YOUR DREAMS COURSE: is a blueprint  that’s shows you HOW to design and put into action a unique plan to  help you achieve your life goals with purpose, confidence, and a loving mindset so you can start living your dream.




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“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it”– Dr. Maya Angelou


This is one of Dr Maya’s wisdom that I live by.  I know that there are no shortages of dreams and goals that we all have. The challenge is how do we make those dreams our reality. Figuring out what is in our way of achieving what we want, is more than half of the battle. In my Execute Your Dream course, you will get strategies that will help you to create movement and excitement for your future.  




You will be guided step by step as you actually get to work on moving forward the important areas of your life. This program is not about theory it is about you playing big, growing in knowing yourself and it’s about getting in action in your life and sustaining the action with confidence and power.


It’s an implementation program – I take you step by step as you actually take on one or two areas of your life to transform in the program once you have visioned your dream life –  and who you want to be with inspiring clarity.  




Reviewing your year can be powerful. Find a beautiful space, some music playing in the background, a lovely cup of tea and cake,  a journal with your favorite pen and get to work. This is both a moving and enjoyable experience.  


Download for free my Review 2019 pdf with the questions so you can do this exercise. 


Download for free my goal setting pdf with the questions so you can do this exercise.


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She’s Got Drive: In this REWIND episode we look at the question on how to live a life by design and not default.

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