Get ready to Buckle Up because on the She’s Got DrIve podcast you remember that your Brilliance is your Birthright.  

This week  #shesgotdrivepodcast is back with Shari Currie and Leslie Roberson :

Shari Currie is Founder and owner of Recycled Modern – a home decor and art gallery which elevates the voices and stories of local artists from diverse backgrounds, while featuring vintage and handcrafted home decor, art and lifestyle goods . Shari launched a few years ago and successfully uplifts and celebrates the brilliance of Black creatives through her gallery. I was  so grateful to Shari for hosting She’s Got Drive Live at her beautiful space.


Leslie Roberson is the founder and CEO of The Black Beauty Collective, a Beauty retail store and online marketplace featuring exclusively Black owned brands. Black Beauty Collective is filling a critical gap in the market for both consumers and entrepreneurs and creating a community where support and care come first. A serial entrepreneur, model, veteran, corporate leader and mother, throughout her career Leslie has championed pushing the collective forward through entrepreneurship.


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In episode 146,  Leslie and Shari , Stay focused on what you want to accomplish. 



If you are interested in investing in Black women in any way this interview is for you. Don’t walk run!! 

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