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This week  #shesgotdrivepodcast is back with Jamelia Donaldson from  the UK 

Jamelia Donaldson is the founder and CEO of TreasureTress — a monthly product subscription service for girls and women with kinky-curly hair and also the co-creator of The Teen Experience, a monthly workshop series which offers young black women to attend a series of personal development workshops for teens.

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  • How Jamelia got started and how she started to develop her organization, her vision, and why she wanted to be a lawyer.
  • Being the first subscription box pioneer in the UK, and the largest in the country/Europe.
  • You get to curate new products in the box each month. There are a few new black owned brands in the UK that are doing really really well.
  • How much of her business is dependent on the community that she has built around
  • The importance of moisturizing your skin. Moister meditation.
  • There is a re-claiming of self when someone is able to support each other with discovering and learning and learning.
  • The importance of giving yourself permission to be yourself. 
  • Entrepreneurship – She felt a burning desire inside of her that wouldn’t let her settle, and she couldn’t get her mind off of the idea of working for herself.
  • Leaving your job respectfully and with grace 
  • The importance of having a strong foundation of values and integrity when starting a new adventure.
  • What she is learning about entrepreneurship.
  • the Last time she cried – She felt like the rug got pulled from beneath her feet.
  • Self-talk and self-talk is a big part of the entrepreneurial battle. It is important to understand that you are not your business.
  • The importance of having a coach, mentors, therapists and friends.
  • How she  defines success
  • The importance of being happy in life and The importance of fulfilling your purpose and passion. 
  • His mom was always his biggest cheerleader, and she’s always going to be for you.
  • The importance of seeing potential in others

In episode 152,  Jamelia Donaldson

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